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There's a bag of reasons people love our Traveltease quiz every week. It's fun, it doesn't take too long and you will probably learn something about the world around us. This week we've got some questions linked to the buzzing destination of Hong Kong, along with our usual brain teasers. See how many you can get right. Good luck! 

At any yum cha restaurant, the classic dim sum is served in a what?
The Arkaba Walk is in which Australian state?
The laid back vibe of Lamma Island is home to a thriving multicultural community. Lamma Island is traditionally known for its….?
Where was actress Isla Fisher born?
The Kai Tak Cruise terminal can service more than 50,000 passengers, making it a key homeport for the world’s cruise liners. What was on the site before it became a cruise terminal?
The world famous Nazca Lines can be found in which country?
Rumbling along Hong Kong Island’s main streets since 1904, what iconic transportation known as the "Ding Ding" is used by locals and tourists alike?
If you were walking on the Cliffs of Moher, where would you be?
The Big Buddha on Lantau island is a 34 metre sitting god that took 12 years to complete. How many steps does it take to reach the Buddha’s feet?
Which of these American cities is further north?

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