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Get ready for lift-off!

Time to launch into another Traveltease quiz.

We all know our weekly quiz is out of this world and here's another chance to aim for the stars with a perfect 10. Ignite your travel knowledge and see if you can rocket to the top. Good luck!  

Covering 1.3 million hectares, the Karlamilyi National Park is located where?
What was the name of the island mentioned in Thomas the Tank Engine?
Which one of these is NOT a space shuttle?
This is the famous Durdle Door cove in England. Which county is it in?
Which of these brands is NOT part of The Travel Corporation?
With 1,884 varieties, this country has the most bird species in the world. Name it.
If you were visiting the Babuyan Islands, where would you be?
At 1,366 metres long, the Gorakhpur railway station is the longest in the world. Which Indian state is it in?
Raleigh is the capital city of which U.S. state?
Kattegat Bay is a body of water separating which two countries?

How did you do?

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