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Read Traveltalk and solve the Traveltease riddles!

The packed November issue of Traveltalk is out now, with our special 'What's Hot for 2019' section. To celebrate the latest issue, we've compiled this week's Traveltease quiz with questions from the new edition.


You'll find all the answers within the pages of the November issue of Traveltalk. Good luck!

Which country did Jenny Rowland visit during her time on PONANT's new ship, Le Champlain?
Which travel company is offering travel agents a trip to Greece?
Where is Royal Portrush Golf Club?
Dr I Made Suka Adnyana works in which medial field?
The 2019 Rugby World Cup takes place in which country?
Where in Australia will you find the Predator Plank?
Hill & Szrok is a trendy UK restaurant by night. What is it during the day?
How much is the cruise industry contributing to Australia’s economy annually?
Which famous designer has been chosen to develop uniforms for British Airways?
The Wild Wonders of Africa is a 2019/20 brochure from which company?

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