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Have you been paying quizzical attention?

This week’s questions come straight from the Traveltease archives.

We’ve asked a lot of questions since our ever-popular Traveltease quiz began. So to give you a better chance of cracking the magical 10 out of 10, this week’s posers have already been asked before.

The Big Apple is a term used to describe which American city?
The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in which country?
According to Agoda, what was Australia’s favourite overseas destination in 2018?
Which famous explorer once said: “I can’t say as ever I was lost, but I was bewildered once for three days.”
TradFest is a musical festival held in which European city?
Where was Australia’s least punctual airport in 2018?
Which of these capital cities is furthest north?
The Great Victoria Desert is located in which country?
Which actor played James Bond in ‘From Russia with Love’
The 2022 Commonwealth Games will take place in which British city?

How did you do?

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