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Have you got the luck of the Irish?

Try and craic our special St Patrick's Day quiz

Millions of people around the globe will be celebrating this weekend as St Patrick's Day takes place on March 17. In honour of the annual celebration, we're dedicating this week's Traveltease quiz to all things Irish. Go on and have a craic!

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival.
How long is the Causeway Coastal Route that stretches from Belfast to Londonderry?
In what year was the Giant’s Causeway declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO?
Which of these destinations doesn’t have a public holiday to celebrate St Patrick’s Day?
Identify the ruined Abbey shown in this picture.
In what year was St. Patrick born?
What is the smallest of Ireland's 32 counties?
Ballintoy Harbour was used as which mythical location in the top rating TV series Game of Thrones?
Which famous movie franchise filmed scenes at the World Heritage listed Skellig Michael?
Where is St. Patrick believed to be buried?

How did you do?

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