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Some may think it's just a bit of fun but we know there's some dedicated quizzers out there who take our weekly Traveltease very seriously. So, see how many questions you can get right without resorting to the phone, Google or the internet. Good luck!


Wave Rock is a natural rock formation located in which Australian state?
How many presidential faces are featured on Mount Rushmore?
Name this popular location in Italy.
Where is Amboseli National Park?
If someone greets you with the word “Zdravo”, which country are you in?
In which year was the famous Hollywood sign erected?
The longest pier in the world stretches for more than six kilometres. Where is it?
Founded in 1880, Steiff are a famous maker of teddy bears. Where are they based?
What is the biggest hotel in Las Vegas in terms of hotel rooms?
The largest urban fire department in the world is in which city?

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