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It's happy birthday to us as Traveltease turns 200!

Australia's favourite travel quiz notches up a double century.

Hard to believe that it has been four years since we first launched our weekly Traveltease but it seems Australia's quiz-loving fans just can't get enough of our travel trivia. This week marks our 200th edition, meaning we've asked some 4,000 questions so far. 

Yet the number of people doing our quiz continues to rise and we know some companies even have a weekly competition to see who gets the best score. So here's another brain bending selection to get you thinking. Good luck!

What three colours feature on the French flag?
Where was singer Julio Iglesias born?
Outside which UK city will you find the Angel of the North sculpture?
Which of these Canadian provinces does NOT border Hudson Bay?
Where will you find the Tocantins River?
Which country lies directly north of Sudan?
Which of these German cities is furthest south?
The hanbok is a traditional dress associated with which country?
If someone said “multumesc” (thanks) to you, which country would you be in?
The Mapuche are indigenous inhabitants found on which continent?

How did you do?

You got !

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