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It's the first, it's the best, it's the only travel quiz worth doing!

The travel industry's favourite weekly quiz,Traveltease, is back again.

The competition out there is stiff with more and more people doing our Traveltease quiz every week.

So find out what all the fun is about and see if you can master 10 travel-related questions. Good luck!

In which Asian country can you visit Ankor Wat?
The Big Prawn can be found in which Australian town?
Which American state just voted to ban travel-size shampoo bottles from its hotels?
Which country has a flag featuring horizontal tricolours of red, white and green?
Where is the Canadian Stock Exchange located?
Originally from West Africa, what is a djembe?
In which state are the Wallaman Falls, Australia’s highest permanent waterfall?
Which are the only two landlocked countries in South America?
According to Columbus Direct, which city has the most tourists per square mile?
Which Hollywood actor fell for a fake Statue of Liberty tour recently?

How did you do?

You got !

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