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It's time to get your Christmas quiz on!

Here's 10 more cracking conundrums for you to tackle.

As the countdown to Christmas continues, we still have a couple of weekly Traveltease quizzes to go before we can all take a well earned break. So have a go at this week's 10 travel-related questions and see if you can end the year on a high. Good luck!

The famous Rialto Bridge is in which country?
If you landed at Gladstone Airport, where would you be?
What is Thailand’s biggest island?
Which of these cities is home to the oldest university in the world?
In which region of New Zealand is Mount Cook, the country’s highest mountain?
Haleakala is a dormant volcano on which Hawaiian island?
Which of these South American capital cities is furthest east?
Which of these is the official currency of Mozambique?
The Large Hadron Collider is situated close to which European city?
Which of these Indian cities is located on the coast?

How did you do?

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