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Let Traveltease amaze ya about Malaysia!

How much do you know about this fascinating destination?

Aussie travellers have a long standing love affair with Malaysia, with its rich culture, vibrant nightlife and extensive activities for all ages and budgets. Whether it's exploring massive caves, enjoying the native wildlife or interacting with the warm and welcoming locals, Malaysia really is a unique destination.

That's why we've devoted all 10 questions this week to this must-visit Asian gem. See how many you can get right without Google. Good luck!  

Which Malaysian city houses the Petronas Twin Towers?
How many steps do visitors need to climb to get to the top of Batu Caves?
Where is Mount Kinabalu located?
The largest known Sarawak Cave chamber in the world by area is located in which part of Malaysian Borneo?
Where in Malaysia is the world’s longest waterslide?
Where can you find the endangered species of orangutan in Malaysia?
Where is the longest canopy walk found in Malaysia?
Bako National Park is one of the most popular parks in which part of Malaysia?
Which of the following state is popular with traditional kite making?
Where can one experience the Sky Mirror in Malaysia?

How did you do?

You got !

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