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We like to challenge our weekly quizzers so we've come up with another batch of brain bafflers to taunt and tease you. We could make the questions really easy....but where's the fun in that? Good luck!

In which Australian city will you find Taronga Western Plains Zoo?
Youth touring specialist Contiki has just launched its first itinerary where?
The Bank of America has its headquarters where?
Comedian Celia Pacquola is the new host of Thank God You’re Here. Where was she born?
Which country is directly north of Chad?
Where is the Valdivian Rainforest?
According to a study by Remitly, in which African country must you hide the soles of your feet?
Belo Horizonte has 2.8 million residents, one of the most populated cities in South America. Which country is it in?
Australian low-cost airline Bonza just announced it’s third base will be where?
"Limba noastr?" (Our Language) is the national anthem of which country?

How did you do?

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