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Quiz 17: Food for thought

Get your teeth into our weekly quiz

In honour of World Food Day, which took place this week, our Traveltease quiz this week is all about food and drink. So how well do you know your tucker? Good luck.

How many countries around the world are currently covered by the Michelin Guide?
Which country is famous for Edam cheese?
Featuring French fries, cheese and gravy, Poutine is the national dish of which country?
Which Spanish city claims to be the modern home of paella?
If you were invited over for a braai, what country would you be in?
According to statistics, what was the main agricultural product in Australia in 2012?
Which country has the second most Michelin starred restaurants in the world?
A Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon currently holds the record for the world’s most expensive red wine. How much did it sell for?
What is the traditional main ingredient of borscht?
The world’s oldest continuously-operating brewery opened in 1040. Where is it located?

How did you do?

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