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Quiz: Lights, camera, questions!

Test your movie knoweldge in our Traveltease quiz.

How well do you know your movies? This week’s Traveltease quiz is all about well known films and the locations featured in them. Grab some popcorn and put your knowledge to the test. Good luck!

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan starred in the 1993 hit Sleepless in....
All the President’s Men centred on a newspaper investigation in which U.S. city?
Which country provided the setting for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in 2011?
In which film did James Bond parachute off the Eiffel Tower?
Gorillas in the Mist told of Dian Fossey’s work with gorillas in which two African countries?
The acclaimed 1994 film Once Were Warriors was set in which New Zealand city?
Film star Errol Flynn was born in which Australian state?
Which country provided the location for Luke Skywalker’s hideaway in the last two Star Wars movies?
Where were Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr supposed to meet in An Affair to Remember?
What was the name of the outback hotel featured in the Crocodile Dundee movies?

How did you do?

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