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Rattling riddles, Batman! It's the Traveltease quiz!

Can you be a superhero and get 10 out of 10?

Whether you're a Wonder Woman or a Superman, you'll need to use all your superpowers this week to solve the tricky travel questions in our ever-popular Traveltease quiz. May the force be with you! 

Name this famous London landmark, famous for staging coronations.
Which of these is a popular ski resort in New Zealand?
The Bering Strait separates which two countries?
If your wallet was full of Lev’s, what country would you be in?
According to scientists, what is the oldest planet in our solar system?
A popular tourist area of Turkey is known as the ‘what’ coast?
Where will you find the wine growing region of Sachsen?
In which South American country is the Cordillera Real mountain range?
Which of these cities is furthest north?
Name the only two countries to have purple on their national flag.

How did you do?

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