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Remember, remember, when it was Movember?

Use your memory skills to get a perfect Traveltease score!

Vow and Declare won the Melbourne Cup, Olivia Newton-John's outfit from Grease sold for more than $400,000 and South Africa won the Rugby World Cup.


These were just some of the happier news stories making headlines back in November, before the corona virus pandemic. So we thought we'd dip into the Traveltease archives and give you a second chance to get a perfect 10 out of 10. Good luck!

In which Australian state would you find Warragamba Dam?
Who played Captain Bligh in the 1984 movie The Bounty?
Which Italian city gave birth to pizza?
Which country’s national flag features vertical white and green stripes?
Where would you find Ben Nevis?
Des Moines is the capital city of which American state?
Which of these German cities is furthest north?
Where would you find the island of Lofanga?
What is the capital of Iceland?
In what year did Colombia gain independence from Spain?

How did you do?

You got !

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