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Put your pedal to the metal in our fun weekly quiz

It's amazing to think that our little travel quiz has been around for almost five years now...and despite worldwide pandemics it's still going strong. This week we've got a selection of questions on the always exotic and exciting destination of Malaysia, along with some general travel posers. See if you can get a perfect 10. Good luck! 

Famous for its European heritage architecture and glitzy trishaws, which Malaysian state is home to this landmark?
Madison Square Garden is a sports and entertainment venue in which U.S. city?
In which Malaysian state can you experience monolithic sunsets on this drawbridge?
What is the name of the organisation that represents tour operators and travel wholesalers in Australia?
This is a favourite destination among divers for its enchanting beauty and marine diversity.
The first airport to operate scheduled international commercial services opened in 1919 in which country?
Etched upon its walls and lanes, which city in Malaysia is famous for its alluring street art?
Juba is the capital of which African country?
The intermarriage between Malays and Chinese, where can Peranakan culture be found in Malaysia?
Which country elected the first female prime minister?

How did you do?

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