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Take the Traveltease test with a totally tropical taste!

How much do you know about our South Pacific neighbours?

A couple of weeks ago we dedicated our ever-popular weekly Traveltease quiz to questions about the South Pacific and the fabulous destinations that make up this slice of paradise. It was so popular that we're giving you a second chance to dream of sandy beaches, gorgeous sunsets and unbeatable hospitality. Good luck!

The Treasures of the South Pacific is an organisation comprising of which South Pacific tourism offices?
The Treasures of the South Pacific is proudly sponsored by:
What is the name of the domestic arm of Fiji Airways?
What is the name of Fiji’s destination-wide program that includes enhanced standards of safety and health protocols so it can safely welcome back visitors in a post COVID-19 world?
Approximately how long would it take you to circle the island of Rarotonga (Cook Islands) in a car or on a scooter?
On which island in Vanuatu will you find the world’s most accessible active volcano?
What adventure activities can you do on a visit to Papua New Guinea?
On which particular island in The Islands of Tahiti was the overwater bungalow invented in the 1960’s?
Which world-class saltwater fly fishing destination in Kiribati has the same name as an annual holy celebration for Christians?
Where can you find more information on the Treasures of the South Pacific, including contacts for all Tourism Offices?

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