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Test your knowledge in our Traveltease quiz

It's quick, it's fun and it's better than The Chaser!

Our weekly Traveltease quiz gives you the chance to take a quick break from work and answer 10 general knowledge questions. See how well you know your stuff. Good luck!

Greenland is the largest island in the world. What is second?
According to travel site agoda, what is the most popular destination for single travellers from Australia?
Celebrity chef Colin Fassnidge was born in which city?
Which of these countries does NOT border Argentina?
According to the World Economic Forum, which country has the world’s fastest trains?
On which Hawaiian island would you find the capital, Honolulu?
Who was named 'Australian of the Year' in 2015?
According to Southern Cross Travel Insurance, what was the top medical claim by Australians last year?
Which airline recently announced the launch of flights from Melbourne to Bali?
A record number of tourists are expected to visit Australia this year. How many are predicted to come?

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