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The quiz so easy...we give you the answers in advance!

Can you solve this week's Traveltease puzzles?

This week's Traveltease quiz is all about our March issue, which is out now and available right here on the website. All the answers are contained within it's pages. Good luck!

The Bun Bung Fai Festival in Thailand involves the release of what?
Heritance Aarah is a new resort opening in which country?
How many days does Abercrombie & Kent’s ‘Wildlife Safari Around The World’ last?
When is the NTIA Gala Dinner?
Tourism Ireland has launched a unique campaign based on what unusual data?
‘Project Sunrise’ is the name given to which Qantas project?
Which entrepreneur will launch their own cruise line in 2020?
Which of these are NOT featured in Frank Cheshire’s article on top cycling locations?
Chateau Marmont is a famous Los Angeles hotel used in which Oscar-nominated film?
A UK company is offering tours of London in which famous vehicle?

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