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The quiz that's just music to your ears

Test your pop music knowledge in this week's Traveltease

Just like a difficult second album, Traveltease is back this week with another music-related quiz. Tune up your brain with these popular puzzlers. Good luck!

Who had a hit in 1978 with Rivers of Babylon?
What time is mentioned in the song Last Train to Clarksville?
ABBA had a hit with Waterloo. Which of these London tube lines does NOT go through Waterloo station?
In which American state is Elvis Presley’s home, Graceland?
The Balalaika is an instrument from which country?
Which of these professions are NOT mentioned in The Beatles hit Penny Lane?
Who had a hit with Do you know the way to San Jose in 1968?
David Bowie was born in which district of South London?
The Jarabe is the national dance of which country?
Jesus just left Chicago was a 1973 song from which American band?

How did you do?

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