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Think outside the cube with our Traveltease quiz.

Test your travel knowledge in our fun weekly challenge.

International travel may be on hold for the moment but that doesn't mean we can't think of the exotic places around the world that we want to visit one day. Our ever-popular weekly Traveltease quiz will test your travel knowledge while giving you some great ideas of where to go once travel resumes. Good luck!

Which airline is based in Dubai?
The Saint Lawrence River forms part of the boundary between which two countries?
In which German city will you find the Allianz Arena?
The first pub in Australia was the Mason Arms in Parramatta. When did it open?
Which of these Thai provinces is further north?
Name the British Overseas Territory in the western Mediterranean.
Which of these African countries does NOT border Chad?
The Ancient Roman town of Camulodunum in England is known as what now?
John Couch Adams discovered which planet in 1846?
Sucre is the capital of which South American country?

How did you do?

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