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This week's Traveltease is sheer child's play

It's the naughty corner if you don't get a perfect 10

The Traveltease quizmaster has been accused of going a bit soft in recent weeks, making the questions easier than before. Not anymore. He's back to his brain-bending best with this saucy selection of travel-related posers. Take the challenge...if you dare!

What is the name of the Australian travel show featuring Catriona Rowntree?
Where was singer Adele born?
The famous Spanish Riding School is based in which city?
Which U.S. city is home to the National Civil Rights Museum?
Formed when an asteroid hit earth, the Chicxulub crater is located where?
Morro Castle is a 16th century fortress guarding the entrance to which harbour?
Which of these cities is NOT in South America?
Name the island that was home to cult children’s TV series H.R. Pufnstuf?
If you were drinking Bia Hoi, which country would you be in?
Antananarivo is the largest city of which popular island?

How did you do?

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