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Time to find out if you are a quiz wizard!

Put the pieces together and solve our Traveltease riddles.

Movies. Monty Python and money. They may seem like an odd combination but they all have one thing in common. They're all topics featured in this week's fun Traveltease quiz. See if you can get a perfect 10. Good luck!

Which city is home to the most Michelin starred restaurants in the world?
The Bond film Diamonds Are Forever featured a car chase through the streets of which U.S. city?
The 1994 Commonwealth Games were held in which city?
Which famous English actor starred in the 1959 movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth?
In which South American country would you find Yungas Road, dubbed the ‘world’s most dangerous road’.
Which member of the Monty Python team is known for his travel documentaries?
If you are landing at Kotoka International Airport, which country are you visiting?
Until 2002, the drachma was legal tender in which country?
Which of these countries does not border Libya?
What is the main ingredient of the traditional Japanese drink sake?

How did you do?

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