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Time to make a splash in our Traveltease quiz!

Dive in and see if you can hook the perfect 10.

We know our regular Travelteasers love learning more about the world we live in and this week is no exception. But we also have a local flavour with several questions about the myriad attractions to be found in Western Australia. Whether its home or away, test your travel knowledge and see how well you can do. Good luck!

On what island are you greeted by the world’s friendliest animals – quokkas?
Which of these is not a Malaysian state?
Where was actress Mila Kunis born?
What wine varieties is the Margaret River Region most renowned for?
Which European country has the longest rail network in use?
Which U.S. state is directly west of Idaho?
What is the world's largest fringing reef found along Australia's Coral Coast?
The Philippines is an archipelago of how many islands?
What is the heritage-listed range of astonishing beehive-shaped sandstone domes in Purnululu National Park called?
If you were landing at the Mohammed V International Airport, where would you be?

How did you do?

You got !

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