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Time to release your inner Sherlock Holmes!

Can you track down the clues in our latest Traveltease quiz?

We're giving you a helping hand in this week's Traveltease quiz. Some of the answers can be found in our May issue, which is out now and can also be found here on our website.

We've also included an easy to use link to the online version of the May issue. Good luck!

The mythical city of Winterfell features in which popular TV show?
How many hills was Rome said to have been built upon?
Which company is offering a $20k incentive trip to Latin America for travel agents? You can find the answer here.
A 2014 study revealed the source of the Amazon to be in which country?
Which Aussie singing group has just signed a partnership with BIG4 Holiday Parks? You can find the answer here.
Which Canadian city will host the X Games in 2020? You can find the answer here.
Which of these African countries has the largest population?
Where in Australia would you find the Gordon Dam?
Which country won the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest?
Which of these world records does Switzerland NOT hold? You can find the answer here.

How did you do?

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