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Tougher than Mastermind, algebra and Rubik's Cube rolled into one!

Have you got the smarts to crack our weekly Traveltease quiz?

Do you know your art from your atlas, your countries from your compass? We'll test all these and more in our weekly Traveltease quiz. Good luck!

Singer Van Morrison was born in which country?
Which Italian city has just imposed new restrictions on cruise ships?
Kansai International Airport serves which Japanese city?
In which Australian city would you find MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art?
What European capital has the nickname ‘the city of a hundred spires’?
Which of these U.S. states is directly north of Colorado?
According to, which of these is the third most visited country?
A British man has just been denied a passport for what unusual reason?
Found in southern Africa, the flower known as Hydnora Africana is famed for what?
Tenerife Sea was a 2014 song from which artist?

How did you do?

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