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Train your brain & WIN a $100 Myer voucher!

Can you master our weekly Traveltease quiz?

You've got another chance to win this week in our popular Traveltease quiz, which is brought to you by Okinawa Tourism.


The quickest person to get all 10 questions right will win the $100 voucher. Remember, only one entry is allowed per person. Good luck!

Okinawa is great for its nature and culture. Okinawa is also the originator for all the following except one:
The Arabic word ‘Misr’ refers to which country?
The Kattegat Straits separate which two Nordic countries?
Okinawa is one of the World’s Blue Zones with some of the highest life expectancies in the world. Which one does not belong in the Okinawan diet?
If you had 100 Leu in your pocket, which country would you be in?
The Romans called it ‘Vindobona’. What do we call it today?
Where would you find Mount Tahat?
Euboea is an island found in which sea?
Okinawa is home to many world wonders including these Yonaguni Underwater ruins. Although still contentious, this is the most likely source of its creation:
In what year did the first underground railway open?

Entries close 14 Mar 2018 09:00pm AWST.
Remember to read our terms and conditions to be sure your entry qualifies.

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