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Try the quiz that could send you barking mad

Just make sure you don't end up in the dog house

Yes, we're doing dog puns this week. Why? Because some wag said we should. Howl you go with our 10 travel-related questions and will you have a tail to tell at the end. Good luck!

What is the name of the Virgin Voyages lady ship celebrating her MerMaiden season in Australia?
Which of these Canadian provinces is further east?
Which airline is poised to buy Hawaiian Airlines for $2.87 billion?
K├ękes is the highest mountain in which country?
How many eateries are there on each of the Virgin Voyages lady ships? (Note: these are all included in the fare!)
Low-cost airline Bonza just celebrated its maiden flight to which destination?
On what day does Mexico celebrate its independence from colonial rule?
If you were in Punta del Este, where would you be?
In which country was composer Ludwig van Beethoven born?
The longest running floral event in Australia, the annual Carnival of Flowers is held where?

How did you do?

You got !

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