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We’re back with a bang!

It's the first Traveltease for 2021...and it's a doozy.

It's time to get those thinking caps back on for our first Traveltease quiz of the new year. Start the year as you mean to go on with a perfect 10...or even a nifty nine. Whatever your score, have fun tackling our ever-popular weekly quiz. Good luck!

The home furnishings giant IKEA was founded in which country?
In what year did Hawaii become the 50th state of America?
The Lake District region of the UK is in which English county?
If you were watching cricket at Sabina Park, which country would you be in?
How many islands are there in Japan?
Considered the greatest explorer in history, where was Ibn Battuta born?
Which of these cities is furthest north?
Where is Glavny Universalny Magazin, the largest department store in Russia?
The Maple Leafs are an ice hockey team based in which Canadian city?
The national flag of which African country features three vertical stripes of red, yellow and green?

How did you do?

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