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We've got the questions but have you got the answers?

See how much you know about travel in our Traveltease quiz.

Travel may well be back on the cards in a few weeks so here's another selection of questions to get you thinking about popular destinations and attractions. Celebrate the good news by getting a perfect 10. Good luck!

On which Mediterranean island is Mount Etna?
Which Aussie destination did Qantas just return to after a 17 year hiatus?
In which century was Machu Picchu built?
If you were watching sport at the Maracanã Stadium, where would you be?
In which Asian city can you shop at the Chatuchak Weekend Market?
According to, where is the best nudist beach in the world?
The Tyrrhenian Sea lies off the western coast of which country?
Where will you find the world’s largest sand island?
Which country came out on top in the 2021 World’s Best Vineyards rankings?
The ancient town of Babylon was located in which present-day country?

How did you do?

You got !

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