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What do dinosaurs and Elvis have in common?

They are both featured in this week's Traveltease quiz!

It's time for another mental workout with our weekly quiz designed to test your general travel knowledge. This week we take you around the globe with our brain teasers. Can you get the perfect score? Good luck!

Jurassic Park was built on which fictional island?
In which U.S. city is Graceland, home of Elvis Presley?
Fondue is the national dish of which country?
The Hang Seng is a stock market index located where?
In which English county is Canterbury Cathedral?
Mendoza, Salta and La Plata are cities in which country?
Which European country has a national flag of horizontal red and white stripes?
How many countries start with the letter J?
The water buffalo is the national animal of which country?
Which of these countries is NOT located on the equator.

How did you do?

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