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What do Madonna, Sherlock Holmes and a famous Aussie have in common?

They are all featured in this week's star-studded Traveltease quiz!

We've got a sprinkling of celebrities and literary heroes in our ever-popular Traveltease quiz this week. But don't worry, you don't have to be a famous fictional detective to work out the answers. Good luck!

Who appeared in the Aussie tourism promotion entitled “So where the bloody hell are you?”
If you were staying at the Marina Bay Sands hotel, where would you be?
Where are the Reichenbach Falls, made famous in the Sherlock Holmes books?
In which city was Madonna born?
What river flows through Rockhampton in Queensland?
Where was the 2015 Rugby World Cup held?
Legendary explorer Vasco da Gama is buried in which European city?
What is the only nation to use six colours in its flag?
The city of Yakutsk in Russia holds which unenviable record?
Golf’s Solheim Cup was just played and won by Europe in which U.S. state?

How did you do?

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