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What's more enjoyable than a box full of doughnuts?

The Traveltease quiz of course...and much less fattening!

Here's another chance to see just how much you know about this big old world that we live in. Our fun weekly quiz will take you all over the planet as you search for the correct answers. See if you can get a perfect 10. Good luck!

Which of these Queensland coastal destinations is furthest north?
Which famous make of aircraft did Qantas farewell recently?
Diwali, The Festival of Light, takes place in which country?
Oakland International Airport is close to which of these U.S. cities?
In which Australian state did Cyril Callister develop Vegemite in 1922?
Which of these is the longest river in Ireland?
In which country would you find the town of Popondetta?
The town of Hilo is on which coast of the island of Hawaii?
The Nguyen family once ruled over which Asian country?
In which Norwegian city will you find the Fram Museum?

How did you do?

You got !

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