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What's the best way to spend five minutes?

Doing our weekly Traveltease quiz, of course!

Explorers, tube trains and a famous work of art. They're all featured in this week's fun Traveltease quiz. See how many you can get right without the help of your phone!

Good luck. :-)

Where will you find the Dundas Nature Reserve?
Which of these Indian states is smaller?
Name the explorer who discovered the Pacific Ocean in 1513.
Which of these London Underground tube lines does NOT run through Kings Cross St Pancras?
In which Italian city can you see the original Statue of David?
Salteñas are the national dish of which South American country?
London Bridge was sold, dismantled and relocated to which American state?
In what year did Ceylon become Sri Lanka?
Which of these cities is the highest above sea level?
In which state of Australia will you find Niggly Cave?

How did you do?

You got !

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