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Win $100...just for reading Traveltalk!

Find the Traveltease quiz answers in our online September issue.

Traveltease is back and this week we're giving you another chance to win a $100 Myer e-gift voucher...just for reading Traveltalk.


All the answers to this week's quiz are contained within our September issue, which is available to read here.


The fastest person to get all 10 questions right will win the voucher. Good luck!

Which country is featured on the September cover?
The Angel of the North is a statue in which UK city?
Which Aussie-born chef is behind the food at a hotel in Bali?
Which Aussie airport is trialing groundbreaking biometrics technology?
Majestic Whale Encounters are offering savings on a trip to which country?
In which Australian State would you find the Cheeky Monkey brewery?
The Krka National Park is in which country?
In which Australian city has Pan Pacific just debuted?
Where would you find the Matterhorn?
Which Philippine island is set to re-open in October?

Entries close 26 Sep 2018 10:00pm AWST.
Remember to read our terms and conditions to be sure your entry qualifies.

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