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Win a $100 Myer e-gift voucher

Just answer 10 questions to win!

Here's another chance to win a $100 Myer e-voucher in our weekly Traveltease quiz.


This week's quiz is again brought to you Tourism New Zealand, who will be taking 100 agents from all over Australia on their epic Specialist Famil next year. To find out how you can be a part of this great event, CLICK HERE.


The quickest person to get all 10 questions right will win the $100 voucher. Remember, only one entry is allowed per person. Good luck!


The winner is the fastest person to get all 10 questions right.

What is New Zealand’s third largest Island?
How many places are available on Tourism New Zealand’s Specialist famil in April 2018?
In what region of New Zealand would you find the Bay of Islands?
What is the most populated city in New Zealand?
What is the name of Tourism New Zealand’s travel agent accreditation programme?
What symbol should you look for to ensure a quality experience for your clients in New Zealand?
In which Kiwi town would you find the Glacier Hot Pools?
Which of the following ski fields is located on New Zealand’s North Island?
On which Peninsula would you find Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove?
What resources can you find on the New Zealand trade website?

Entries close 10 Jan 2018 09:00pm AWST.
Remember to read our terms and conditions to be sure your entry qualifies.

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