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Win a $100 Myer voucher

Grab your latest copy of Traveltalk to win!

The November issue of Traveltalk is out now and if you've read it from cover to cover then you could win a $100 Myer e-gift voucher. This week's Traveltease quiz is all about the latest issue and the fastest person to get all 10 questions right will win. Remember - only one entry per person is allowed. If you don't have your copy handy, you can still find the answers on the online version right here on our website. Good luck!

The fastest person to get all 10 questions right wins the $100 voucher.

There’s a trip to which European country on offer in the latest issue?
Which travel company is featured on the back cover?
A new hotel themed around the Titanic has just opened in which Irish city?
Which Asian country will Shark Tank star Naomi Simson be visiting next year?
Which of these classic stories will be released as a film in 2018?
Two new ships were reviewed in the November issue. Name them?
How many Australians visited Japan in 2016?
Jared Simcox is General Manager Australia for which airline?
THAI has just announced new direct flights from Bangkok to which city?
Excite Holidays will launch into which country this month?

Entries close 22 Nov 2017 09:00pm AWST.
Remember to read our terms and conditions to be sure your entry qualifies.

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