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You can't go wrong if you know Hong Kong!

Get ready for another Traveltease workout

We've got another batch of travel related questions for you, spiced up this week with some riddles from our friends at Hong Kong Tourism Board. Learn more about this hip and happening destination while trying to score a perfect 10. Good luck!

When does Hong Kong’s annual Wine & Dine Festival take place?
Which Italian city gave birth to pizza?
Where would you find the island of Lofanga?
Repulse Bay is a beautiful beachfront retreat just a short trip from the bustling city. What was Repulse Bay named after?
Which country’s national flag features vertical white and green stripes?
Des Moines is the capital city of which American state?
What is the name of Hong Kong’s global museum of visual culture, situated in the neighbourhood of West Kowloon?
Tai Kwun is a wonderfully preserved historical site now transformed into an arts and culture hub. What was situated at the original site?
In what year did Colombia gain independence from Spain?
Which of these German cities is furthest north?

How did you do?

You got !

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