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4 in 5 Aussie flyers want something more than first class

What’s your top flying ambition?

When flying, nothing beats first class. Okay, perhaps private planes. But nothing among scheduled flights at least. 



Despite this, it seems nearly four in five Australians (77%) have greater, or more to the point, different dreams when it comes to their ultimate flying ambitions, new survey data has found. 


Released by comparison site, the research revealed that less than one in four (23%) respondents picked a flight in first class as their top wish, with the other three in fours travellers picking a combination of free upgrades (17%), flying business class (11%), flying for free with points (7%) and joining the mile-high club (5%). 


Flying premium economy appealed most to 4% of respondents while just 1% dreamed most of being on a maiden flight or scoring access to an airport lounge. 


With rewards flights scoring highly on the list, finder’s travel expert Angus Kidman said Aussie flyers had plenty of options for boosting points. 


“It’s possible to earn points from all kinds of everyday spending, from booking accommodation to signing up for a new mobile plan,” he said. 


"Signing up for a credit card with a solid bonus offer will give your points total a big boost."


To help score a seat upgrade, the comparison site suggests downloading an upgrade app (such as Seatfrog), choosing to fly off-peak, joining a loyalty program, and just asking nicely at check-in (while ensuring you’re dressed well).  


The survey polled over 2,000 Australians. 


What’s at the top of your air travel wishlist?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 8 October 2018

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