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4 year old shames stinky flyer

“There’s stinky feet behind me.” In the age of travelling for comfort, a bare foot on your armrest is almost to be expected. But if you’re this kid, you don’t have to like it.


Image: Rodney Small Facebook

Rodney Small knows right from wrong. And he is not shy about calling out those who may not have as strong a grasp on morality as him. Rodney Small is four years old and cute AF.


Small’s father posted a video of the boy’s recent experience while on a flight to Orlando, Florida to his Facebook account. The post, which has since gone viral, shows the cheeky little boy smiling before announcing simply: “I’ve got stinky feet behind me”.


Others in his position may just let the little piggies be, but Small is clearly not one to shy away from confrontation, turning to the owner of the offensive feet and shouting, “I have your feet behind me, I have your feet behind me”.


“As a child he knew that putting your foot in someone else’s space was not kind at all,” Small’s father told UNILAD.


“Although we don’t believe the lady intended to invade his space he reacted the way anyone else would react.”


The owner of the foot was not offended and according to Small’s father quickly moved her foot and apologised to Small and his dad, who found the whole situation funny.


“Sometimes adults hold back with confronting others to keep the peace but as a child [Small] voiced his concerns and his facial expressions and reaction made it hilarious.”


So next time you find some unwanted seat mates travelling on your armrest, maybe you could channel your inner four year old. Though it helps if you’re as cute as Small.



Published: 7 June 2019

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