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Airbus the newest online travel agent, with a catch

For those who like their aircraft big

There’s a new player in the online travel booking sphere, and it’s a big one (in more than one sense). But search for flights on this website and you won’t find any American airlines, North or South, or any African airlines; in fact, your search will only return you a handful of results.



Why? Because this booking engine is dedicated only to A380 aircraft. Airbus’ website aims to cash in on the popularity of the aircraft among many flyers, three in five of whom the plane maker says are “willing to make an extra effort to fly on it”.


Declaring itself a unique proposition, the website claims to make flying on the iconic double deck aircraft now “a matter of choice, not chance”.


Airbus Digital Transformation Officer Marc Fontaine called the initiative “a win for Airbus A380, it’s a win for the airlines operators and it’s a win for the passengers”.


First class compartment


“Booking systems today do not allow the passengers to easily choose their preferred aircraft and we decided to fill that gap by easing the access to the iconic A380 aircraft, for everybody,” he said.


“For the first time, a booking service puts the aircraft type as the criteria for flight selection.”


According to Airbus, the booking site is the only place where all 13 A380 operators can present their services and destinations.



With users directed to airlines’ websites, the booking engine will also provide “inspirational information about each city” to help travellers choose their next vacation.   


More popular with flyers than with airlines, whose orders have not matched Airbus’ expectations, the A380 currently operates on 102 routes to around 50 destinations.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 15 July 2016

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