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Aircalin to debut Airbus plane in Asia-Pacific

Aircalin has announced the launch of its two new Airbus A330neo Aircraft, which will operate twice a week to Sydney (Tuesday and Friday) from September 2019.


The Airbus A330neo is the latest addition to the Airbus product line, and Aircalin will be the first airline to operate the aircraft in the Asia-Pacific region.


Economy class


The A330neo offers enhanced performance and modernity with improved aerodynamics and an optimised structure, powered by new generation Trent 7000 Rolls Royce engines that provide a quieter propulsion system with improved fuel economy and a longer range.


With an additional 5 metres in fuselage and space optimization, the new aircraft can carry 25 additional passengers, for a total capacity of 291 seats in 3 fully personalised Classes, including a newly introduced Premium Economy class.


The cabin space has been designed to offer a new experience across all classes forpassenger’s well-being and comfort. Passengers will enjoy increased comfort with a very quiet cabin, a cutting-edge Inflight Entertainment System (IFE) with high tech screens, and connectivity on board.


The cabin is equipped with a lighting atmosphere (16.7 million colour variations), which makes it possible to modulate light during the various phases of the flight (boarding, meals, rest, waking up, etc.) and as a result, passengers’ sleep rhythms are better respected.


The new Latest Generation IFE system selected is the Rave system produced by Zodiac Aerospace. It will provide enriched and intuitive content with over 150 programs (movies, serials, music, games, etc.) and new functions. The A330neo is also fitted with a HD camera placed below the aircraft.


Aircalin’s A330neo will be fitted with Wi-Fi for on board connectivity. Customers will be able to use the Wi-Fi system, subject to conditions, via their computer, tablet or smartphone.


Hibiscus Business


The 3 classes:


• Hibiscus Business class:

The new Hibiscus class cabin, which calls to mind the New Caledonian seashore with Pacific patterns, wood, coral, and sand colours, is a privileged space, marked by modernity, quality and comfort! The row layout in a 1-2-1 configuration, features 26 bucket “Opal Seats”, whichcan be turned into a fully-flat bed. Business class seats feature a retractable separator for the middle rows, a directional reading light, a 3-point seat belt, lifting armrests, a cocktail table,storage space, a “treasure box, a 15.6” HD touch screen, free Internet access, USB port and110-volt A/C outlet, a noise-cancelling headphone, etc. The seat offers the 3F’s: Full Flat, FullAccess, and Full Privacy. Business class passengers will benefit from refined onboard service, including a new catering service and a modern style bar.


• New Premium Economy class:

The new Premium Economy Class is a private space with a seat designed to provide maximum comfort and rest. 21 seats distributed over 3 rows with a 2-3-2 configuration. The design with shade of greens and patterns, is reminiscent of New Caledonian nature and itsunique biodiversity (columnar pine trees, philodendrons, etc.). The “ZIM MAGIC” seats havebeen specially designed for the comfort and rest of passengers, with a 18.1°-recline, a 45-cm seating area width and a 96-cm space between rows. The seats are equipped with footrests, 4-position adjustable headrests, a private reading light, wide armrests, a cocktail zone,storage, and an HD 13.3”, touch screen. One-hour free connectivity, USB port and 110- volt AC outlet for each seat.


From check-in, to boarding, through to baggage claim, Premium Economy passengers benefit from attentive service and a priority treatment throughout their journey.


Premium Economy


• Economy class:

A comfortable and innovative space, conducive to rest, and designed for long-haul flights, economy class consists in 244 seats, in a 2-4-2 configuration. The atmosphere of the cabin is a tribute to the New Caledonian lagoon in shades of blue. With an improved living space, the “ZIM FLEXIBLE NG” seat offers technical specifications that improve passenger comfort. The space between the rows is 78.74 cm, the seat reclines 14.6°, reinforced by a sliding effect. The seat is equipped with a footrest, a 4-position adjustable headrest, and the central armrests are all lifting armrests. Seats are fitted with an 11.63 HD touch screen, USB port, and 110-V AC outlets. Economy passengers will benefit from an improved level of service with free champagne offered as a pre-meal drink.


Aircalin will operate the A330neo aircraft to Tokyo, Osaka, Sydney and Papeete from July 2019.


In addition to the A330neo aircraft, Aircalin will also take delivery of two new Airbus A320neo aircraft in 2020 and 2021. These state-of the-art aircraft will service short haul routes including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland.


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Published: 29 March 2019

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