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Airline tells cabin crew to lose weight, or their jobs

But how many airlines have similar requirements?

Some might call it discrimination; others a matter of safety. Then there’s the minority who would even consider the aesthetic. Whatever anyone thinks of it, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has sent a memo to around 1800 members of its cabin crew saying they need to lose weight - or risk being grounded. 


Image Pakistan International Airlines/Facebook


With a target of five pounds (2.3 kgs) per month, management at the airline said staff had six months to lose the weight, Pakistan’s Express Tribune reported. 


PIA estimates only around 100 (5%) of its cabin crew are affected by the order. 


According to local media, PIA spokesperson Mashhood Tajwar called the crackdown on flight attendants a “regular routine matter” to ensure crew were “slim, smart and fit”. 


The airline also said it had received an unspecified number of complaints about “obese” flight attendants. 


At present, flight attendants who are 30 pounds (13.6 kgs) overweight are still eligible for flight duty, the Tribune reported. 


But the airline has now issued a recommended weight chart for varying heights and body types - and for both sexes. 


As a guide, a “medium frame” woman of 1.7 metres should weigh between 133 (60.3 kgs) and 147 pounds (66.7 kgs).


Does a cabin crew’s appearance matter to you? 


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 7 January 2019

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