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Airplane seats are about to get a real shake-up

World’s largest car seat maker and Boeing in JV

The world’s largest maker of car seats, Adient, looks set to begin an aircraft seating joint venture with Boeing, with final regulatory approval expected in the coming months.


A new Adient production line in Eastern Europe (Image


As the producer of around a third of all car seats, Adient has unparalleled experience in providing comfy places for passengers to park their tushes. And the company believes it can provide better, more comfortable seats for flyers, in a more timely manner for airlines.


“Boeing and Airbus have been having problems with seat suppliers not being accommodating and not delivering on time,” Adient VP innovation & design-seating Richard Chung said at the Passenger Experience Conference in Hamburg.


“In our industry, if we don’t deliver 99.9% of the time to customer’s plants, we won’t have the business.


“Comfort is also something we can bring to the party, enhancing the passenger experience.


“When we look at all the seats in the airline industry, we think we can do better. We think there’s more we can do [and] we think there’s some room there.”


At the April 2017 Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX), when the idea for a JV was first floated, Boeing Commercial Airplanes seat/IFEC team director Alan Wittman said Adient could deliver more choice and value for the aircraft seating segment, Air Transport World (ATW) reported.


According to ATW, the companies are yet to disclose which aircraft or cabin classes they will focus on.


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 10 April 2018

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