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Airport worker berated for tearing up boarding pass

We guess in this instance, a simple ‘no’ would have sufficed

The pull of a bowl of pho can be strong. But this passenger, departing Hanoi Airport, will regret heeding that call after he missed a flight following a quick stop for a bowl of the delicious noodles.


Regardless of the reason for his tardy arrival at the gate, which admittedly was just ten minutes prior to departure, Luu Ming Hoang probably didn’t deserve this treatment.


According to 9News, when Hoang, 43, was paged to board his VietJet plane, he rushed to his departure gate, but was told he could no longer board his flight to Ho Chi Minh.


At the gate, a video then shows the airline worker ripping up the agitated customer’s ticket. 


''While waiting for boarding, I went to eat a bowl of pho about 30 or 40 metres from the gate. After I finished eating I returned to the chair to fly and heard the speaker at the airport say 'please invite passengers Luu Minh Hoang, the last passenger on the flight’," he told local media.


"At this point I raised the ticket to say 'I here, I here, I am Luo Minh, here’. At that time, I was very calm. Then she tore my ticket again, and the challenge made me feel terribly annoyed and humiliated, that my situation was being downplayed.’'


The airline responded to the incident by docking the employee’s pay and cutting her bonuses, saying her attitude and actions were not "an appropriate way to communicate with customers".


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 13 November 2017

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