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An act of defiance or depravity?

While other passengers waited for their trays to be collected, this passenger spent the rest of his flight calmly reading a book - AFTER throwing his meal in the aisle.

Flying is rarely synonymous with comfort. Each journey is often fraught with a series of niggling irritations: no armrests, an encroaching elbow, insensitive recliners, chatty neighbours and, the piece de resistance, an empty tray of food balancing precariously on a tiny table that locks you to your seat just as you need to visit the loo.


For the most part, we, as members of a civilised society bound by the norms of said society, simply live with these discomforts for what we know to be a finite time. But more and more people are rebelling against these unspoken rules and taking flying into a new generation of bad behaviour.


Case in point: this guy.



An image posted to Reddit by MinecraftThugLife, shows a passenger reading what looks to be a largish book on his lap. While the person in front of him still has his meal tray on his table, our book reader has dumped his tray onto the floor.


Forget for a brief moment how disgusting this is. Surely it’s a safety violation given that aisles need to be clear in case of emergency. But as redditors asked, who would bring the man to task? His fellow passengers? Cabin crew?


The image was later posted to the famed PassengerShaming Instagram page, where it garnered a fair share of negative comments.


While many took to calling the reader names such as ‘pig’ or ‘dirty animal’, others jumped to the defence of pigs and animals claiming no animal would act like that.


There were also calls for his fellow passengers to school him on his manners, as well as calls for fines and punishments such as being added to the no fly list.


Me? I’m wondering what he's reading. Guessing it’s not a book of etiquette.


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 13 November 2017

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