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Are mid-flight tattoos going to be a thing now?

A tattoo artist was given the go-ahead to tattoo his seatmate on a recent flight. 


@Luckyboytattoos, also known as Asher, took to TikTok to share footage of himself tattooing his seatmate. 





“We followed all sanitisation protocols including prep, clean-up and disposal. We even asked the flight attendants, who gave us the go-ahead!”


According to Asher, after some initial chit chat they got to talking about tattoos.


“She seemed a little bit stressed about being able to find a shop and getting in, so at first, I jokingly brought up that I had all of my tattoo equipment with me,” Asher told Buzzfeed.


“At first, it was just a casual suggestion, but as we continued talking, it seemed like she was very eager and comfortable with that experience, and she seemed to be looking for adventure on the trip.”


“I did tell her that [the tattoo outline] was not gonna be stencilled, but she was very open to the idea of the tattoo having character. We even talked about bumps and turbulence,” Asher told BuzzFeed.



While some were impressed by both the tattoo and how it came to be, some questioned how sanitary a mid-flight tattoo could actually be. 


When the US Transport Security Administration (TSA) shared the footage on Instagram, one person commented that, “This is so unsanitary and unsafe for literally everyone. Please don’t encourage this kind of behaviour.”


While another questioned how they couldn’t bring a bottle of water on a plane but a whole tattoo gun was fine.


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Published: 2 September 2022

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