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Arriving in Australia? I spoke too soon…

So, there I was thinking that completing the LABORIOUS Australia Digital Passenger Declaration meant no more arrival cards but no, I found myself yet again scribbling my arrival card using a borrowed pen during the final approach into Sydney airport!



On the arrival card, in addition to the customs declaration you need to repeat a lot of the information already completed in the DPD.


We flew Etihad Airlines, the DPD was required by the airline to be uploaded prior to check in. Completing this step gave us Verified to Fly status. We were not asked for the DPD again throughout the trip.


So, in summary, in addition to your passport what do you currently need to enter Australia?


A completed and submitted DPD provided to the Airline prior to or at check in

A copy of your International COVID Vaccination Certificate (or equivalent).

A completed arrival card


Also check your eligibility for the Passport Smart gates. Going through these gates saved us a minimum of 30 mins of queuing time at Passport Control.


And last but not least don’t forget a pen in your cabin baggage.


For more information, check out: 

Australia DPD Website



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Written by: Jenny Evans
Published: 4 May 2022

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