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Aussie airport has fastest ‘exit’ time in Asia-Pacific

The slowest is not where you’d imagine it to be too

If you’ve ever wondered how quickly you can expect to move through an airport upon arrival, this guide will help...


Aiming to reveal the fastest and slowest airports to exit around the world, global chauffeur and airport concierge service Blacklane completed the first-ever “seat-to-seat” analysis of travel time, and discovered among other things, that Australia’s best-performing airport for international and domestic arrivals is Perth. 


Sydney Airport finished seventh among APAC hubs (Image Mark Harada)


The Western Australian hub was found to have the quickest exit speed for domestic passengers in the entire APAC region (just 12 minutes) ahead of Brisbane Airport (15 mins), and the third fastest through-time for international arrivals (33 mins), only behind Shanghai Hongqiao (22 mins) and Macau (32.5 mins). 


Globally, the fastest airports for international travellers were Luxembourg (15.5 mins) and Rotterdam (16 mins). 


Surprisingly, the slowest airport for airplane seat to car seat arrivals in APAC was found to be Osaka Airport - in normally time-efficient Japan - where an arrival time was 80.5 minutes. 


Another Japanese airport, Tokyo Narita, was declared the second slowest in the region (56 mins). 


According to the study, business travellers and small groups exit airports faster than any other passengers. 


It also found that the faster airports were secondary hubs in major cities.


Globally, travellers’ median time from a plane’s arrival until they are on their way is 23 minutes after domestic flights and 38 minutes after international flights.  


Blacklane’s study looked at the time gap between leaving an airplane seat (flight arrival time) and entering its chauffeured vehicles (since August 2018) across “hundreds of thousands of flights at hundreds of airports around the world”.


It did not consider age, nationality, priority status or checked versus carry-on luggage.  


“The most exasperating part of a trip is often the time and distance between the airplane and the car,” Blacklane CEO and co-founder Jens Wohltorf said.


“When the plane lands, travelers’ first thoughts are getting to their destination. The last thing they want is to linger at the airport.”


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 28 June 2019

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