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Aussie rugby star films baggage handlers, after 3 hour bag delay

Australian professional rugby league player Daniel Mortimer might have been impressed with the passes by airport workers at Manchester Airport ... if it weren’t for the fact they were passing his, and other travellers’ luggage - and the recipient was a bag carousel. 


Mortimer, 29, had returned to Manchester from Rome onboard a delayed Ryanair flight at 2am on Saturday, and was one of hundreds of people who were then left waiting for up to four hours for their baggage to arrive thanks to staffing shortages at the airport.  



Mortimer took the incident in his stride, and captioned a video he shared of the incident with requisite sarcasm.  


“5am this morning after waiting over 3 hours for our bags to make it from the plane to the carousel.. at least they took good care of our luggage. Thanks.” 


According to the Manchester Evening News, baggage handlers Swissport said the footage was “in line with manual baggage handling procedure”. 


Image BBC


Overnight on Friday, there were scenes of chaos at the Northern England hub as several outgoing and incoming flights were apparently held up by a backlog caused by a fire alarm. 


While some passengers slept on the floor while waiting for their luggage, others left their baggage entirely in order to pick it up later, MEN reported. 


With bottled water seemingly scarce in the hot terminal, passengers also complained of getting few updates of the situation, which occurred during the busy bank holiday period.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 27 August 2018

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